Van and Trailer access at recycling centres

How to book and prepare your visit

The Council's six recycling centres are licensed for the use of our residents and no waste from a business can be accepted at any of the sites.  As a result no commercial vans, trailers, flatbeds or minibuses are allowed into any site to dispose of commercial waste.  If you are a business and need to dispose of commercial waste, you can find details of appropriately licensed sites online or consult a waste disposal directory.

If you are a resident and intend to use a van, trailer or minibus to dispose of household waste at a recycling centre, you must pre book your visit in advance and provide information on the type of material you are disposing. No vehicles over 3.5t gross weight will be accepted. You will be provided with a date & day slot then directed to your nearest suitable site, Netherton, Coatbridge or Cumbernauld Recycling Centres to dispose of your material. These three sites are the largest of our recycling centres and have the capacity and staffing levels to deal effectively with vans and trailers. Please see below for information on how to book your vehicle in to a site.

What about a hired van?

If you are a resident and you are hiring a vehicle to dispose of your own waste then you must pre-book your visit in advance and provide information on the type of material you are disposing.  You must bring the short term hire agreement, photographic id and Utility bill with matching address when you are disposing of the waste. Please contact us to book your vehicle in.

What about my works van or if I own a van?

You will be asked to confirm the material being disposed of is being generated at the address where you live and you must also show photographic ID that you live at this address supported by a utility bill. 

For all visits,

  • The contents of your van will be inspected by the site attendant to ensure it matches the list provided at the time of booking and the waste is not commercial. 
  • If the material is thought to be commercial or different from the list you provided at the time of booking, access to the site will be denied
  • Each household is limited to 12 van bookings per financial year (Apr to Mar)
  • When you book a van in, you will be given a time slot, If you are unable to attend your allocated slot time, please call to re-book.
  • A maximum of three visits to the site will be permitted for each booking.
  • If you are unable to attend you allocated date / day slot, please call to re-book
  • A fair use policy will be in operation to prevent abuse of the sites

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