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Modified Proposed Plan

Examination Phase

Modified Plan image

We are unable to accept any further submissions.

What we did

We received 404 submissions to the Modified Proposed Plan comprising over 1,100 identifiable contributions, by the time consultation closed in 2019. A Report categorising the Modified Proposed Plan contributions and our responses was approved by the Council's Planning Committee in February 2020.

What happens next?

We are working on preparing the necessary documents to pass the unresolved objections to the Scottish Government Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) as soon as possible, for a Local Development Plan Examination (LDPE) to be held by independently appointed Scottish Government Reporter(s). It is up to the Reporters to decide whether or not any Hearings will be required, what form these will take, and who should be invited to attend, or whether objections can be dealt with through written submission.

Your Submission (Formal Objection or Representation of Support)

Those who made contributions should receive an alert once the Plan is formally submitted for Examination.  Contributions relating to unresolved issues are normally made available online by the DPEA, on its website, once the Examination commences.  We will post a link to the DPEA's North Lanarkshire Local Development Plan Examination page once it becomes available.

After the Local Development Plan Examination

The Reporter(s) will issue a Report of Examination outlining recommendations that the Council must take into account in deciding how to modify the Plan before proceeding to Adoption.

The Modified Local Development Plan

The pdf icon Local Development Plan Modified Proposed Plan [4Mb] sets out planning policy that will help guide decisions on planning applications that will shape the future of North Lanarkshire, by setting out planning policy and by identifying how land in our area is used. For example for housing, or employment use, or for green space.

The Local Development Plan Modified Proposed Plan aims to deliver sustainable safe communities, to stimulate our economy and to protect our built, historic and natural environment by promoting appropriate development and future growth.

Unfortunately owing to resource restrictions and cost of printing and posting, we are unable to distribute paper copies of the plan other than to statutory consultees.  The modified proposed plan can also be viewed at libraries, First Stop Shops, Civic Centre, Motherwell and Fleming House, Cumbernauld.

Modified Proposed Plan Map Books containing:

Promote Map showing the locations for development and improvements to infrastructure as well as the settlement boundaries, Green Belt and Countryside.

Protect Map showing the protected green network and built heritage assets as well as other development constraints such as hazardous zones, Air Quality Management Areas etc.

The Modified Proposed Plan Map Books (Promote and Protect Maps, which must be read together for each map page) have been grouped by Local Area Partnership Areas (LAPS). At the front of each Map Book is a Map Key and Inset Maps.

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Airdrie LAP - Map Book [17Mb]

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Bellshill LAP - Map Book [10Mb]

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Coatbridge LAP - Map Book [9Mb]

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Cumbernauld and Kilsyth LAP - Map Book [20Mb]

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Motherwell LAP - Map Book [12Mb]

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Northern Corridor LAP - Map Book [12Mb]

pdf icon Modified Proposed Plan Wishaw LAP - Map Book [22Mb]



Background Reports

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