Mutual exchange FAQ

The following information should answer any questions you may have regarding this search facility.

What is Mutual Exchange?

A mutual exchange is also known as a home swap. This occurs when two tenants swap homes with the prior approval of their landlord.

Why is the council doing this?

We acknowledge that when you add your name to our housing list you may have to wait longer than you wish to be rehoused, therefore we are actively encouraging tenants to find someone to swap with removing the need to wait on our housing list.

Am I eligible to use the service?

Anyone who is a current tenant of a council, housing association or housing co-operative is eligible to join our scheme.

How do I sign up?

To allow your details to appear on our search facility you must be on our CHR Housing List. If you are not on our list you will need to complete a CHR Application Form. In addition to this you will also need to complete a mutual exchange opt-in document. When you complete the mutual exchange opt-in document you will be asked to specify whether you wish to be contacted direct from other matches or if you wish to be contacted by your landlord for any potential matches.

How do I know that it's for me?

If you are looking for another home and you're on a lengthy waiting list then you might find a match which will allow you to move quicker.

What if I don't have a computer and can't access the site

You can access our matching facility on any computer, if however you do not have access to a computer you should contact your landlord who may be able to assist.

What if I find a home and I'd like to exchange? 

When you find a match on our system you simply use the contact details provided to discuss with the other party.

What's the next step if I find a suitable match?

If both parties wish to exchange properties you must contact your landlord for permission

What happens if someone asks to see my home?

We would expect that most applicants will wish to view your home before applying for a mutual exchange (likewise we are sure you will also wish to view their home). If you live on your own and do not feel comfortable allowing someone to view your home you should ask a friend or relative to be present. If however you do not have someone who can accompany you, you should contact your local housing office where a member of staff can arrange to be present during working hours.

When do I contact my housing office to discuss?

You should contact your landlord once you have found a suitable match and wish to proceed. This is to allow us to carry out the necessary checks for example is your rent account up to date, is your property in a clean condition.

Are there any conditions applied to carrying out a mutual exchange? 

Yes, your landlord may not consider any applications where the mutual exchange would cause overcrowding or under occupancy.

Who should I contact if I need help? 

If you require any further information you should contact your landlord or Local Housing Office.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages'.

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