Examples of what we will uplift

Special uplifts

Examples of items we can uplift in standard uplift of £25

Materials that can be uplifted as part of a standard £25 uplift include:

  • Sofas, armchairs and mattresses Please ensure that items are kept dry, as items which are wet through may become too heavy to be removed.
  • Items of Furniture tables, chairs, stools etc.
  • Carpets Please make sure carpet nails are removed. Carpets and underlay should be cut and tied into manageable rolls.
  • Wooden/Laminate flooring must be tied into manageable bundles.
  • Real Christmas tree Can be uplifted for recycling. Please note all decorations should be removed and that trees will be collected by a dedicated collection vehicle.
  • Washing machines Electrical flex must be removed or taped to appliance. If removed place inside machine or normal domestic bin.
  • Fridge / Freezer and electrical appliances Fridge and freezer must be empty - no food to be left inside. If any food is inside, item will not be removed. Flex has to be removed or taped to appliance. If removed, place inside appliance. These will be uplifted by a separate dedicated collection vehicle in order to comply with disposal legislation.

Examples of items which require a large uplift of £100

  • Slabs must be capable of being easily lifted. Larger quantities may be uplifted in multiple visits.
  • Trees / branches / hedges must be laid out and tied in manageable bundles. If you have been issued with a brown recycling bin for garden waste, trees and branches will only be collected using this bin if they are capable of being contained within the bin, i.e. no large trunks.
  • Builder's rubble, bricks etc any amount of builders rubble.
  • Fencing Item should be cut into manageable lengths or sizes.
  • Kitchen refurbishments Kitchen units, worktops, cupboard doors etc.
  • Heating systems Boilers, radiators, heating units and components.
  • Bathroom refurbishments Baths, shower trays or enclosures, sinks, toilets etc.
  • Garden sheds and garage doors must be dismantled into manageable sections.
  • Bags of soil
  • Windows and doors internal, external doors, mirrored wardrobe doors and windows.
  • Skirting/lengths of wood Please ensure that nails are either removed or hammered flat. Small pieces should be bagged or boxed while larger lengths should be tied into manageable bundles. All lengths should not exceed 2 metres.

If you have a large volume of materials to be uplifted, a council officer will carry out a home visit to decide if it is possible for our crews to uplift and assess the time required. The officer may refuse the uplift if it is too large.

Examples of what we can't uplift

All of the items listed below WILL NOT be uplifted using this service:

  • Asbestos You can contact a Licensed Removal Contractor or Waste Management Services can offer advice. North Lanarkshire Council will pay for 50% of the DISPOSAL COST (excluding removal cost) if arranged through the council's approved contractor.
  • Car tyres You can take these to your local retailer or Scrap Merchant.
  • Car batteries These can be disposed of at the appropriate collection point of one of our civic amenity sites.
  • Gas bottles
  • Hazardous/special waste We are unable to lift chemical, liquid and other waste considered hazardous. If you have items in this category please consult a specialised contractor.

For the above items (except for Hazardous / Special waste, asbestos and car tyres), your disposal options include taking these to your local Waste Disposal and Recycling Centre.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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