How to pay your rent

Guidance for tenants

Your rent matters

It is important that you pay your rent on time. All the money we collect from rent pays for services for our tenants.

If you're struggling to pay, we can help. Please contact our Central Rents Team as soon as possible.

How can I pay my rent?

We offer the following payment methods:-

  • Direct Debit - weekly, fortnightly, twice monthly or monthly frequencies are available on a range of dates and days. Simply call our Freephone number 0300 555 0106 to set up this payment method. Please have your rent reference, bank account and sort code numbers to hand before calling. From Monday 6th July, this office will be open from 9am to 4.30pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 9.00am to 4.00pm on Friday and 9.00am to 2pm on Tuesday. For information on our Direct Debit process please read our pdf icon Tenant's Guide to Rent Direct Debits [140kb] . 
  • Standing Order (this is when you instruct your bank to make regular payments to us straight from your bank account). Please note: we have changed our bank to Royal Bank of Scotland Sort Code - 83-07-06 Account Number - 19648802

  • at any Municipal Bank by cash, cheque, debit card, credit card or postal order

  • at any Post Office or Paypoint if you have a Rent Payment Card

  • over the telephone by calling our 24-hour Payment Hotline on 01698 403130 or your local housing office

  • online using our online payment facility

  • direct from your wages by completing our pdf icon Rent From Wages [62kb] form, if you are an employee of North Lanarkshire Council 

You must quote your rent reference when making payments this will ensure the payment is allocated to your tenancy. Your rent reference is shown on annual statements and rent increase letters.

How often do I have to pay rent?

You can pay your rent:

  • every week;
  • every two weeks for the coming two weeks; or
  • every month for the coming month

A payment table is available to show you the dates you must pay your rent by to avoid falling behind with your payments.

We charge you rent for 48 weeks of the year, rather than 52 weeks. This means that there are two weeks in summer and two weeks at Christmas when you do not have to pay rent. If your rent account is in arrears you should continue to make payments during the rent free periods to reduce the arrears.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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