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Request a special uplift

Each householder is entitled to three free requests each year, depending on the type of materials to be uplifted

Customers should take items to their nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre whenever possible. Items can be placed into segregated streams and be recycled effectively.

Each household is entitled to three free Special Uplifts each year for materials not covered by the charges. Each uplift is limited to no more than 10 household items or 20 bags. Find out which items we will uplift.

Request a special uplift using an online form

Requests arising from refurbishments and home improvements and items which are not normally taken in and out of the house will be subject to a charge of £100. This includes items listed below:

  • Items from bathroom refurbishments, shower trays, baths, sinks, toilets
  • Items from kitchen refurbishments, worktops, base units cupboard doors
  • Boilers, radiators, fixed heating units and components
  • Windows & Doors, internal and external
  • Dismantled sheds & garage doors
  • Bags of soil
  • Trees / Branches / Hedges (which cannot be placed into brown bin for garden waste)
  • Wooden and laminate flooring
  • Builder's rubble

All of the above items can be disposed of and recycled, free of charge, at a Household Waste Recycling Centre.

If you have a re-usable item that could be donated to charity, please call the National Reuse Phoneline on 0800 0665 820 or contact our local Furniture recycling projects to arrange an uplift free of charge.

Items for uplift must be presented at the nearest point of collection for the vehicle, usually at the front of the property.

Uplifts take place seven days a week. An appointment date will be provided when you make your request.

Charges have been recently introduced to the special uplift service for certain items and types of material. To help residents understand the reasons for introducing these charges, view the Special Uplift Report 2014 approved by the Environmental Services Committee, which permitted the introduction of these charges.

There are no restrictions to the number of WEEE (Fridges and other electrical goods) uplifts, or charges applied, for these types of uplift.

Before requesting a special uplift, please review the list of items that can be uplifted free of any charges.

Request a special uplift using an online form

Other ways to request a special uplift

  • visit one of our First Stop Shops or any Waste Management Depot
  • phone us use the 'contact us' box

Visit our scheduling and appointments page below for information on when you can expect your special uplift to be done.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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