Insurance claims

If you have suffered damage to your personal belongings or personal injury and feel it was the fault of North Lanarkshire Council, you may wish to make a claim

To do this, please complete a pdf icon third party claim form [132kb]. Alternatively, contact us to request a claim form which will be sent within two working days of receipt of your request.

  • For your claim to be successful, you must show that the damage/injury was the fault of the council or council employees. There is no time limit in dealing with this type of claim, since the council must fully investigate your claim to find out whether they have been at fault.
  • If you have home contents, buildings or motor insurance that would cover this loss, we recommend that you make a claim on this policy first. You will not need to prove that anyone is at fault for the loss and it is also likely that your claim will be dealt with quickly. Your insurers may look to recover their costs from the council if they feel the council has been at fault.
  • The council is not responsible for the actions or activities of any contractor or public utility company even if they are acting on our behalf. You must make these claims directly against the contractor or public utility company.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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