Asylum seekers and refugees

Useful information for asylum seekers and refugees

North Lanarkshire Council is a member of the Scottish Consortium for Asylum Seekers and Refugees.

Regular meetings take place to inform the authority of the current position in relation to Asylum Seekers and Refugees. The Scottish Government and agencies such as the Scottish Refugee Council  advise authorities on current legislation and policies.

Social Work Services is part of a local inter-agency team which includes Housing Services, Education and the Health Service, that was set up to co-ordinate resources to assist Asylum Seekers and Refugees living in North Lanarkshire.

At present a small number of Asylum Seekers are living in accommodation throughout North Lanarkshire and their needs are being addressed by local area teams.

If you would like further information about Community Care or Support and Advice for Families Services you can either use the contact us box at the right or use the links to access information directly. The UK Refugee Council and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees websites also provide helpful information and advice.

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