Lock-ups for rent

Guidance for tenants

North Lanarkshire Council own lock-ups which they rent out to tenants and owner occupiers.

Allocation of Lock-ups

If you would like to rent a council lock-up, please contact your local housing office for an application form and information on availability.

NB: You must live within a reasonable walking distance of the lock-up. Popular areas may have a waiting list in operation for renting lock-ups, however some areas will have them available for immediate let.

Termination of a Lock-up

Lock ups cannot be sub let. If you wish to terminate your lease of a lock-up, you must give us at least 28 days notice. Prior to vacating the lock-up and returning you're keys to Housing Services, you must ensure that all contents have been disposed of in the correct manner.

Erection of Garage

If you lease a council lock-up, you may be able to apply to build concrete sectional garages on the site.


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