Flatted properties

Guidance for tenants who live in flatted accommodation

Close meetings

Close meetings can be arranged through your local housing Advisor. These can be used to discuss problems affecting the close and discuss improvement.

Notice boards

A communal close notice board may be displayed, providing information for tenants, e.g. close meeting dates, rotas, close competitions and useful names and telephone numbers.

Communal area

Tenants are reminded that in the interests of safety that all communal areas should be kept clear of obstructions at all times and also that gas canisters and any combustible materials are not permitted to be stored within this type of property.

Close cleaning rotas

Close cleaning rotas are the fairest and easiest way of keeping your close tidy and presentable. If there is a problem with the cleaning of a communal area we will act quickly to try and resolve the situation.

If you have any questions about services for flatted properties, please contact your local housing office.

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