Conducting a business from a council house

How to apply for permission

The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 allows tenants to apply to their landlord for permission to vary their tenancy agreement to conduct business from their council house.

A formal application does not need to be made if you only wish to use your telephone number in connection with the business.

  • The legislation includes restrictions in relation to:
    • Advertising;
    • Hours of business;
    • Limitations on parking and delivery of goods;
    • The use of specified substances or materials.
  • Tenants in all cases should notify Environmental Services as conducting a business from home may require Planning Consent as it may be deemed that the business involves a "Change of Use" of the premises.

Use the contact us box at the right of your screen if you wish to apply to your local housing office to conduct a business from your council house. You will receive a written notification of the decision within 15 working days of receipt of your formal application.

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