Cycle routes

North Lanarkshire has a series of cycles routes linking town centres and the countryside

Cycle route

North Lanarkshire has a National Cycle Route called the Edinburgh to Glasgow NCN 75.

NCN is a linked series of traffic-free paths and traffic-calmed roads being developed right across the UK, linking town centres and the countryside. These routes that have been established and maintained by Sustrans.

The sustainable transport charity Sustrans works in conjunction with local authorities, national and local organisations, Transport Scotland and is supported by the Millennium Fund of the National Lottery. Sustrans works on practicable projects to encourage people to walk, cycle and use public transport in order to reduce motor vehicle traffic and its adverse affects. One of Sustrans' projects is NCN, which currently provides 6,000 miles of routes throughout the UK.

North Lanarkshire Council has developed a network of recommended routes for use by cyclists.

If you find a fault or repair that needs to be fixed, please contact Environmental enquiries. Let's keep our routes attractive for users!

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