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The School/An Sgoil

Condorrat Primary School - Outside View

Condorrat Primary School is a bilingual, non-denominational, co-educational primary school teaching pupils from Nursery to Primary 7 through the medium of Gaelic and English. The school is situated in what was originally the village of Condorrat, but is now part of the new town of Cumbernauld.

There are 2 streams in the school. In one stream the pupils follow their curriculum through the medium of English and in the other they follow the same curriculum totally through Gaelic until the end of Primary three when they begin studying English. The aim is for the pupils in the Gaelic classes to be equally competent in both Gaelic and English by the end of Primary seven.

Classes/Na Clasaichen

The Classes are designed along a central project hall and are arranged in two wings infant and junior/senior. Gaelic and English classes are interspersed throughout the wings. The wings form an L shaped building and at their join is a large dining/assembly hall. The nursery/infant department is housed in one wing of the school and accommodates six classrooms. Like the infant wing the remaining eight classes are connected to the activity areas with large double doors which can be opened and have sliding partitions for adjoining classrooms. This allows a flexible staffing arrangement for collaborative work and team teaching opportunities.

After School Clubs/Clubaichean na Sgoile

The school offers an extensive range of after school clubs eg Accordion, Football, I.C.T. There is a school netball team, football team, brass tuition, folk group and bilingual school choir who attend various functions throughout the year.

Links with parents/Ceangalaichean le p-ranatan

The school likes to establish a close bond with all parents and pupils. In May/June of each year the new Primary One intake is invited into the school for three induction afternoons in order that the children meet their new classmates/teacher and familiarise themselves with the school. During the visit the Head teacher, Depute Head and Principle teacher will meet with parents to discuss how the school works and help prepare the parents for their child going into Primary one. Once the children have entered Primary One a "Meet the Teacher Evening" in September gives parents the opportunity to meet their childs teacher and see how their class works.

Transferring to High School/A' dol dhan -rd-sgoil

Pupils normally transfer from Primary to Secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary Education. Pupils form Condorrat normally transfer to Greenfaulds High School who have a Gaelic department in which Gaelic medium pupils can continue their studies through the medium of Gaelic.

The Nursery/An Sgoil Araich

Condorrat Nursery Class is located within Condorrat Primary School. It is organised as a Gaelic nursery in the morning and an English nursery in the afternoon, providing a quality early years experience for children aged 0-5, regardless of race, religion, gender, culture, age or ability. No previous knowledge of the Gaelic language is necessary. The Nursery is open during the school term from 9am-11.30am Gaelic and 12.45pm-3.15pm English.


The nursery is staffed by a bilingual Nursery Teacher and 2 early years workers. The staff are directly responsible to the Head teacher of Condorrat Primary who manages the provision along with the Depute Head and Principle teacher of the Primary School. All staff are qualified to National standards and regular training is given to enhance the staff's skills and therefore the children's learning experiences.

Accommodation/An Togalach

The Nursery can accommodate 30 children aged 3-5years in accordance with North Lanarkshire Council's Admissions Policy. Our accommodation consists of two spacious, safe and bright indoor rooms and an outdoor grass and tarmac area. This allows the children to participate in a wide range of learning opportunities to develop and enhance their personal, social and emotional skills. All notices, displays etc are shown bilingually in English and Gaelic. A 0-3 Gaelic Playgroup facility (Croileagan Bogha Froise) is also available each Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 1pm-3pm in Condorrat Primary (Details from the school).

The Curriculum/An Curraicealam

The curriculum is based on "A curriculum framework for children 3-5 years" and"Child at the Centre" as set out by the Scottish Office. A curriculum framework helps staff to plan activities and experiences to promote the children's learning. In our Nursery the staff are very aware of the children's learning needs and operate a very responsive and active approach to the children's learning. All experiences have an emphasis on equal opportunities and cultural awareness to help children to become more independent.

Links with Parents/Ceangalaichean le P?rantan

Parents are always most welcome in the Nursery. The Head teacher and staff operate an open door policy where parents can always ask questions or seek support if needed. The staff work closely with parents and encourage them to take part in their child's education by coming in to observe in the Nursery and also by parents sending in observations of their child s achievement at home.

Primary School/Am Bunsgoil

The Nursery and Condorrat Primary have very close links as the Nursery children are always involved in whole school concerts/services, fundraising events and using the gym hall. This means that pupils from both streams of the Nursery (English and Gaelic) can continue their studies through to the end of Primary Seven.

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