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Clarkston Primary School relocated to new premises on Wednesday 8 October 2008. A nursery class opened in August 2009 and accommodates 30 children each session. The school is a non - denominational, co - educational school teaching pupils from nursery through to Primary 7.

The new building is open plan and has 12 teaching bases, a noisy/quiet room teaching base and 2 modular unit classes.  Additional facilities include a library, audio visual room, three tutorial rooms, gymnasium, community room and an all weather football pitch.

Clarkston Primary School prides itself as being at the heart of the local community and over the years has developed strong and productive partnerships with the church, fire service, community police and wardens, Wester Moffat Hospital, Raywards and Bellhaven Nursing Homes as well as with our many local nurseries and two secondary schools - Caldervale High and Airdrie Academy. In addition, all classes participate in at least one educational visit out of school, each term, linked to an area of study within the classroom.

Many extra curricular and Out of School Hours Leaning activities are available to our pupils. We currently offer a vairety of clubs for P1-7 pupils . A number of pupils from Primary 5-7 receive tuition in string, brass and woodwind instruments and a number attend the North Lanarkshire Preparatory Band in Coatbridge High School.  Each pupil in our school participates in a concert either at Christmas time or in the summer term and our Primary 7 pupils attend Kilbowie Outdoor Centre in Oban each year.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Clarkston primary normally transfer to Airdrie Academy, or Caldervale High School.

For more information you can visit Clarkston Primary School Website or download pdf icon Clarkston primary school handbook 2017 [633kb].

Information on the schools HMIE report can be found at Clarkston Primary HMIE Report.

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