Cambusnethan Primary and Nursery

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The school serves the Cambusnethan area of Wishaw. Cambusnethan primary is a non-denominational co-educational primary school teaching boys and girls from primary one to primary seven stages.

Outside View of Cambusnethan Primary School

Throughout the year, we encourage many out-of-school activities and invite parents to take part. Classes studying the local environment will go on short walks accompanied by teachers and parents. Other classes may go further afield to study the seashore or places of historical interest. We are lucky to have a well-equipped gymnasium. Cambusnethan has thriving football groups, which are run with the help of our janitor.

The school takes part in general knowledge competitions run by the district library and in a variety of sporting and environmental events. These activities are enjoyed by the children as well as being important as part of an all round education and we encourage parents to allow their children to join in whenever possible.

Cambusnethan values its links with parents. Parents are welcomed into the school to help the teachers, the children and the management team whenever possible. Throughout the year, parents are invited to the school on both formal and informal occasions. Communication between the school and parents will take the form of regular newsletters.

Cambusnethan prides itself in being part of a community. Some evenings, local groups use the school. At present the school facilities are used to hold the local councillor's surgery, carpet bowling and the local boys brigade meetings. There is a close link with the community police. The school also makes visits within the community. We enjoy a good relationship with local primary schools and Coltness High School.

Pupils normally transfer from primary to secondary between the ages of 11.5 and 12.5 so that they will have the opportunity to complete at least four years of secondary education. Pupils from Cambusnethan primary normally transfer to Coltness high school. Visits to Coltness high school for primary seven pupils usually take place towards the end of the summer term. Parents of the pupils transferring to secondary school are also invited to information evenings held in Coltness high school.

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