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St Patrick's Nursery Centre opened in August 2007, it is located in the Royal Burgh of Kilsyth, and it is a purpose built building on a shared campus with St Patrick's Primary School, as part of the PPP project. We provide a service for children from birth to 5 years within 4 attractive, stimulating playrooms, we also have a parent's room and a spacious, attractive garden area which the children access daily. We are open 52 weeks of the year (closing only for public holidays and in-service days) providing flexible, wrap around care and can accommodate up to 80 children at any one time.

Outside View of St Patrick's Nursery

Our provision caters for 56 children within our 3-5 'Rainbow Room,' we have 10 spaces for 2-3 year olds in our 'Bumble Bee Room' and we have 6 spaces for babies in our 'Caterpillar Room'.  Our staff team consists of Head of Centre, Depute Head of Centre, Senior Early Years Worker, 19 Early Years Workers and 1 Clerical Assistant.

Inside View of St Patrick's Nursery

Within the nursery we aim to work in partnership with families and other agencies to provide a flexible, caring, welcoming and stimulating environment, which supports and values each individual and promotes active learning. We plan using a Curriculum for Excellence within our Rainbow Room, encouraging the children to be Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens. Our children are encouraged to develop their independence skills through every day routines. We evidence their learning through labels, profiles and planning walls, which provide opportunities for discussion about what the children already know and would like to learn more about. At St Patrick's Family Learning Centre we also have a variety of Homelink projects, which encourage partnership with parents and families.

Outside View of St Patrick's Nursery

We have developed good links with our feeder primary schools and we have a successful liaison programmes with both St Patrick's and Kilsyth Primary Schools, which run throughout the children's pre-school year. This ensures that the children are prepared and confident for the transition to primary school.

Inside View of St Patrick's Nursery

We have also established good links with other agencies such as Health Visitors, Social Work and Homelink who support us in working with our families, providing courses/classes and support for parents. They also work in partnership with the nursery staff to provide high quality care and education for the children.

Outside View of St Patrick's Nursery

Within our under 3 provision we plan using North Lanarkshire's Effective Early Development and Learning document, which promotes children's holistic development and seeks to promote their sense of well being through stimulating, natural and curious environments.

In order to apply for a place within St Patrick's Family Learning Centre, a form must be completed (these are available from any nursery or can be downloaded) and sent to your first choice nursery with the child's birth certificate and current council tax bill. It is then placed on a waiting list and brought before the local admissions panel. For the 3-5 room this happens annually and the panel meet in January to place the children for the coming year.

The under 3's panel is held every 3 months and includes Kildrum Family Learning Centre and Jigsaw Family Learning Centre. Forms for each nursery are discussed and children are placed according to priority and availability.  From August 2015 the criteria for free places for 2 years have changed.  Your child could be entitled to almost 600 hours per year, free early learning and childcare, under the new criteria.  For more information please visit any North Lanarkshire Family Learning Centre or visit

All children under three years of age require an inter-agency referral along with their application form to support the need for a place for a child. This will be identified by a health visitor, doctor or other support agency to see if the circumstances meet criteria for an inter-agency referral.

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any questions. For more information, see 'related pages', 'downloads' or 'other useful websites'.

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