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Kildrum Nursery Centre is a purpose built nursery (November 2006). It caters for children from two years of age to school age. We operate 52 weeks of the year, and offer flexibility to meet the needs and demands of the children and their families. The staff team consists of a Head of Centre, Depute Head of Centre, Lead Early Learning Practitioner, 12 Early Years workers, currently three Additional Support Staff, two clerical staff and two cleaning staff/janitor. From year to year we may also have a Modern Apprentice who enhances and contributes to the existing team.

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The nursery has three playrooms: the Sunshine Room, which is used for working with children individually or in small groups and is also used for the children to have lunch; the Little Stars Room, 2-3 years (15 full-time equivalent); and the Rainbow Room, 3-5 years (48 full-time equivalent). There is a Family/Parents-Room, Multi-Purpose Room and a very spacious outdoor area. Within the Rainbow Room, staff work in accordance with the guidelines of Curriculum for Excellence and Building the Ambition, and in the Little Stars Room and Sunshine Room, staff use Pre-Birth to Three Positive Outcomes for Scotland's Children and Families to support the needs of the children.

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Kildrum Family Learning Centre welcomes all children and families, and works closely in partnership with parents and partner agencies (Speech and Language Therapists, Health Visitors, Social Workers and Educational Psychologists) to ensure children are offered the best service and high quality experiences. Engagement is central to the success of our work with all children, families, and all our partners.

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All places are allocated in accordance with North Lanarkshire Council's admissions policy; children under three require to be supported by an agency or department working with the family. Eligible two year olds who fit the 600 hour criteria laid out by the Scottish Government can also apply for a place.

Partnership is also extended to local primary schools, as well as having pupils from secondary school on work experience.

We aim to provide a welcoming ethos where children, parents, staff and associated agencies within the community feel valued and respected, through a safe, friendly and enriched learning environment.

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