Homework guide

The benefits of homework

We are firmly committed to raising the attainment of all pupils in our schools, and recognise the significant contribution homework can make to the personal, social and academic success of the individual pupil.

Homework provides an opportunity for parent and child to share purposeful learning opportunities in the supportive atmosphere of the home. It can, therefore, become a vehicle for developing and enhancing partnership and raising pupil attainment.

Much good practice already exists in North Lanarkshire schools. These homework guidelines incorporate the best of this good practice.

The benefits of homework

A well managed homework policy can bring about benefits for both pupils and parents.

For pupils, these may include:

  • a sense of responsibility for their own learning;
  • opportunities for additional learning time;
  • improved pupil self-confidence and motivation;


  • the formation of study skills.

and for parents these may include:

  • sharing in their child's learning;
  • showing an interest in their child's education;


  • monitoring their child's progress.

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