Music comprehensive

Bach or Blue...Mozart or Nickleback...Chopin or Cold Play...?

There are a many of different varieties of styles and tastes of music. Every pupil enjoys music in some form or other and is influenced and motivated by their experiences and choices. Within the it is our aim to capture and foster this enthusiasm and the energy which music brings to pupils' lives.

North Lanarkshire Council's Raising Achievement For All policy recognises that education is about much more that academic success, important though this is. Young people of today need to develop a range of skills and personal qualities so that they can play an active role as citizens of the future. The music comprehensive will play a central role in delivering a positive ethos within the school and the existing structure within the council.

Music comprehensive mission statement

The music comprehensive will play a key role in the provision of opportunities for pupils to make links with their personal choices in music, and the opportunity to harness the energy which this genre can add to the curriculum.

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