Education Maintenance Allowance

Applying for an EMA

Education Maintenance Allowance provides support for 16 to 19 year olds from low income families who undertake a full-time course at school. Young people may also be eligible for EMA where they are undertaking a programme of learning in a CLD Learning Hub. Young people can receive £30 per week provided they attend regularly and make good progress with their learning.

Part A of the guidance notes describe the conditions which must be met for entitlement to an EMA award. All applications will be individually assessed to determine whether or not the applicant is eligible.

Applicants should pay particular attention to the deadlines for submitting applications (Page 2 of the Application Form, Section 3 of the Guidance Notes).  Applications should be submitted without supporting documents in order to meet the deadlines.

Part B contains instructions on how to complete the application form and information on documentation to be submitted with the form.

Application forms are available to download and complete. Completed applications should be emailed to along with any supporting documents. DWP certificate (Part B) and Accounts certificate (Part C) should be downloaded and printed for completion if required.

Please note: Application Forms are not compatible with some mobile devices.

If you wish to submit your application by post please take your form and documents to the post office to be weighed, as a first class stamp may not be sufficient postage

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