Supporting people to express their views

Advocacy is about standing up for and sticking with a person or a group, taking their side, helping them to get their point across. Advocacy adds weight to people's views, concerns, rights and aspirations. Independent advocacy reduces any possibility of conflict of interest ensuring loyalty to the individual or group and no one else

There are a number of models of advocacy to support people:

Peer or Collective Advocacy - people come together to explore ways to get their voices and stories heard.

Independent Professional Advocacy - the advocate, usually provided through an agency with expertise, represents a person's interests to assist the person to put their point over more effectively. The advocate can be a paid or volunteer worker as part of an advocacy service.

Citizen Advocacy - an unpaid citizen gets to know a person in a vulnerable situation and promotes the persons interests over a long period of time. A citizen advocate will receive initial support from an advocacy service but this will reduce as the partnership develops. Citizen advocacy can help break the cycle of a very dependent person relying totally on paid support.

There are a number of sources of advocacy services for people in North Lanarkshire. These can be found on the next page.

The pdf icon Lanarkshire Advocacy Plan [415kb] is available to download.

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