Community care assessment and planning

Supporting people in their own homes

The service is for adults with disabilities or difficulties due to age, infirmity, illness or mental ill health.

It is principally concerned with supporting people in their own homes and promoting choice for people who live at home.

An assessment of need is undertaken by social work staff; this may be a simple assessment or a fuller, comprehensive assessment.

  • Needs are then set out in a plan which also details the services and support to be put in place to meet the eligible needs.
  • Needs are regularly revised to take account of changing circumstances.
  • In North Lanarkshire, a copy of the assessment is provided to the person.

When need has been identified, services and supports are put in place which may be directly provided by the council or purchased by the council.

North Lanarkshire Council social work directly provides support at home, day opportunities, respite, and occupational therapy.

For further information or to arrange for an assessment for yourself or someone you help to look after, or to find out more about our services and eligibility criteria, contact your social work locality office.

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