Equipment and adaptations

Helping you to live independently

Are you struggling to manage every day activities due to a long term health condition or have a disability or just finding things difficult as you get older?

There are many products available which could help you, your family or carers.

For example do you find any of the following difficult:

  • getting in and out of the bath
  • managing steps into your home or stairs inside your home
  • managing everyday activities like making meals or getting dressed
  • unable to hear the doorbell, telephone or television
  • struggling with everyday activities because your sight is not as good as it was

The right equipment can help you with these activities so that you can continue to carry them out safely and independently, or they can help your family or carers safely assist with these activities.

It might mean the difference between being able to stay in your own home or return home quickly after being in hospital.

Making life easier

This is an online service designed to offer information and advice as well as a supported self assessment for particular problem areas. You can opt to buy any products recommended for you or for a selected number of items you can order these on long term loan direct from our joint equipment service free of charge. 


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