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Walking is good for you and good for the environment.

Footways are for pedestrians

Encouraging regular, brisk walking is a cost effective way of tackling health problems such as coronary heart disease and obesity. There is strong evidence that the decline in childhood walking, particularly to school, is storing up serious long term problems for adult health.

The council is determined to give residents the opportunity to walk on our footways without unnecessary obstruction.

Pavements or footways are intended to allow the safe passage of pedestrians. Obstructions can cause a danger to pedestrians, in particular wheel chair users, blind or partially sighted pedestrians or those who have a mobility difficulty. These make simple journeys more difficult by reducing the available footway width and forcing pedestrians onto the road. Ask yourself how you would feel if it was a member of your family.

Parking on the footway not only makes it difficult for pedestrians to get past, it can damage underlying services such as water and gas and can also cause the footway surface to deteriorate creating an additional danger to pedestrians after the vehicle has moved on. Overgrown hedges and overhanging bushes can cause similar obstructions and be a hazard to drivers, as they can block visibility at junctions.

Attaching banners or advertising posters on pedestrian guardrails can hide children waiting to cross the road so increasing the risk of an accident.

Please help to make North Lanarkshire a healthier, safer and more attractive place to live, work, shop and walk!

Keep them clear!

  • Don't park or drive on a footway.
  • Don't leave wheelie bins, bin bags or loose rubbish or place advertising hoardings or shop displays on a footway where they may be a danger to pedestrians.
  • Don't erect scaffolding without the prior permission of the roads authority.
  • Don't place skips on the footway without the permission of the roads authority.
  • Don't attach fly-posters or advertising banners to pedestrian guardrail.
  • Don't allow hedges or trees to overhang footways.
  • Do report any business that place advertising hoardings or shop displays on a footway, road sign or lamp column.

The Scottish Government carried out a consultation on the Proposed Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill between 28 March 2012 and 17 August 2012.

Proposed Responsible Parking (Scotland) Bill

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