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The Promise

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A pledge to support families in the care system has been welcomed by the council.

A nationwide Independent Care Review into the care system found that it was a fractured and bureaucratic system for too many children and families, and one which fails to adequately hear the voices and experiences of those within it.

This has led to the development of 'The Promise' which is a Scotland-wide blueprint to delivering on the review's recommendations.

The five key foundations of Care in "The Promise" are:

  • Voice: children must be heard and listened to in all of the decisions about their care.
  • Family: whenever possible, families should be supported to stay together with their children. Our first priority should be to do all we can to keep children out of care and with their own families.
  • Care: where living with their own family isn't possible, children must stay with their brothers and sisters where safe to do so, and they must belong to a stable, loving home.
  • People: those in the workforce and wider community who look after children must be well supported so that they in turn can provide compassionate care and decision making.
  • Scaffolding: the system that surrounds all of this - the system of help, decision-making, support and accountability - must be more supportive and responsive

The Independent Care Review engaged with five and a half thousand people from across the care system as part of the far reaching review including 2,500 children and young people with lived experience in a care setting.

Councillor Norah Mooney, Care Champion for the council said: "We are determined to ensure vulnerable young people receive all the help they need so they can enjoy their childhood.

"The council is a corporate parent to many children, young people and adults and we are determined to support young care experienced people to reach their potential."

It was agreed the council would work with the Scottish Government, care providers and other relevant partners to progress the necessary changes to care. The motion was put forward at a full council meeting by Councillor Linden and Councillor Barclay and agreed by other elected members. 

Councillor Jordan Linden said: "We welcome this firm commitment from the council to back the principles of 'The Promise' and continue to improve the lives of young people in our communities. Young people need to feel loved, safe and listened to so they can have the chance to develop and flourish."


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