Improvements in repairs and maintenance service

Yearly figures highlight performance

housing repairs

Performance figures for the delivery of our housing repairs and maintenance contracts show increased satisfaction levels from tenants in the quality of their homes, in the delivery of housing repairs and in repairs being completed right first time.

These improvements are set against the council's priorities and business objectives for the year 2019/20, ensuring that our homes are maintained, maintenance contracts are delivered and that our tenants are receiving a high level of service.

In addition to performance improvements, we're also supporting communities and the local economy by securing local employment and sourcing local supplies and services.

Here are some of these improvements:

  • Tenant satisfaction with the quality of their homes is now recorded at 92.5%. This continues to increase year on year from 2013/14 where the level was 79%. Significant investment is being made to improve our homes including new heating systems, kitchens, bathrooms, doors and windows;

  • Our response time for emergency repairs now stands at an average of 4 hours and 15 minutes - a reduction on previous years. This covers during and outwith working hours, with a strong performance being recorded in both areas;

  • A reduction in the time taken to complete non-emergency repairs. This has reduced by two working days over six years and currently stands at an average of 6.95 working days;

  • Continuing to have a 100% compliance rate through our gas safety management approach ensuring the safety or our tenants and residents at all times;

  • 97% of customers are satisfied with the service they receive. We're recording continuous improvement in this area and there's been an increase in satisfaction of over 9.6% over the last seven years. This can be attributed to the new management and monitoring systems and the continual development of our frontline teams;

  • The total number of reactive repairs completed right first time during 2019/20 was 98.3%, an increase of 0.7% from last year. Overall performance in this area remains consistently high.

Councillor Pat O'Rourke, Acting Convener of Communities and Housing said: "It's encouraging to see real improvements in the delivery of our repairs and maintenance service that positively impact on our tenants, their lives and the homes they live in.

"We are never complacent and strive to continuously improve services. For example, we're looking at how we can further reduce the timescales for carrying out emergency repairs and are looking to re-introduce a 2 hour emergency category for the most urgent. Feedback from our customers allows us to shape the service to ensure we meet their needs.

"It's important we produce performance reports and regularly monitor services in support of the council's vision to make North Lanarkshire the place to live and, together with our contractors, we are striving to do just that."

Following the Government's Phase 2 announcement, we will now be progressing non-essential external works including painting, roofing works, fencing and render repairs.


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