Summer Hubs

Summer Hubs

A new offer of essential support for children of key workers, vulnerable children and young people and children and young people with additional support needs will commence immediately following the end of the summer school term.

Parents and carers will be able to book day-long care, Monday to Friday at nine hub facilities and 10 family learning centres that have set up specifically for the summer holiday period across North Lanarkshire for children and young people from birth to 16 years of age.

From 25 June until 10 August, there will be provision for 5-16 year old ages at nine hubs in a choice of culture and leisure facilities where they will experience a range of sports, activities, arts and crafts and in ten family learning centres for babies and children up to five years who have not started school. 

In addition, free packed lunches will be available to primary pupils through our ground-breaking Club365 programme from the nine summer hubs.

5-16 year old provision

The provision for 5-16 year olds will be delivered by Community Learning and Development, Culture and Leisure NL and Active Schools staff, with VANL providing volunteers to help support programme delivery, the hubs will take place in the following venues between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday:

  • Garrell Vale Community Education Centre, Kilsyth
  • Broadwood Leisure Centre, Cumbernauld
  • Airdrie Leisure Centre
  • Coatbridge Community Centre
  • Sir Matt Busby Sports Centre, Bellshill
  • Ravenscraig Regional Sports Centre, Motherwell
  • Wishaw Sports Centre
  • Iain Nicholson Centre, Chryston
  • Shotts Leisure Centre

If you a key worker and would like to book a place at one of the Summer Hubs for a 5-16 year old child, please use this online form. Please read the pdf icon privacy notice [155kb] before completing the form.

5 - 16 year old Summer Hub form

Direct contact by their lead professional (social worker, health worker or school link) will be made with families of vulnerable children and children and young people with additional support needs for summer hub places.

Weekend cover - provision will only be available at Airdrie Leisure Centre between the hours of 10am until 3pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

An exciting and full learning programme devised by CLD, Active Schools and Culture and Leisure North Lanarkshire proposes an inclusive and flexible learning offer to the needs of children and young people. Across the hubs a range of indoor and outdoor activity will be provided including football, golf and multi sports along with dance, drama, music, visual art, storytelling, crafts and lots more. 

The children and young people will also have the opportunity to work towards accreditations with CLD staff including North Lanarkshire Challenge, Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards.

Every child and young person attending the hub will receive a packed lunch.

Please note - hub venues and activities may be subject to change based on attendance and will be monitored and reviewed weekly.

Early Years Hubs for children aged from birth to five (those who have not yet started primary school)

Provision for early years children aged from birth to five (who have not yet started school) will be available from 25 June until 10 August at 10 hubs for children of key workers and vulnerable families at the following venues daily, (Monday to Friday) from 8am until 6pm:

  • Dunbeth Family Learning Centre
  • Richard Stewart Family Learning Centre
  • Bellshill Family Learning Centre
  • Ailsa Family Learning Centre
  • Newmains Family Learning Centre
  • Jigsaw Family Learning Centre
  • Kildrum Family Learning Centre
  • Laburnum Family Learning Centre
  • Shotts Family Learning Centre
  • St Patrick's Family Learning Centre

If you are a key worker and would like to book a place at a Family Learning Centre, please use the online form. Please read the pdf icon privacy notice [155kb] before completing the form.

Summer Hub form 0-5 year old

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