Rent relief help for council tenants

Arrears support

Stephen Llewellyn

A fund to help council tenants worried about rent arrears during the coronavirus crisis has been put in place. 

If you have been made redundant, furloughed, had your hours reduced or are self-employed you may be eligible.

Stephen Llewellyn, Head of Housing Solutions explained: "We understand how uncertain these times are for everyone. We know a number of people will have fallen into rent arrears through no fault of their own as their circumstances have changed during these challenging times.

"Our Rent Relief fund is aimed at providing temporary help for those whose finances have been disrupted and who are struggling to make their rent payments at this time. If anyone is struggling with their rent payments under any circumstances, we would encourage them to contact us as soon as possible so we can help."

Payments covering up to five weeks of your tenancy agreement can be arranged depending on your circumstances and will be applied directly to rent accounts to help reduce arrears. Future repayment schedules will be reviewed in September this year.

To apply for the Rent Relief fund please call on 01698 524811 or visit

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