North Lanarkshire gains Fairtrade status

Fairtrade Award

Fairtrade status 2020

North Lanarkshire has made the grade as a Fairtrade Zone for the first time, meeting the standards set by the Fairtrade Foundation for an area where products are supported and sold.

The North Lanarkshire Fairtrade steering group celebrated the success having demonstrated a high level of support from local businesses, shops, cafes, churches, schools and community groups.

Fairtrade is about ensuring better prices, working conditions, sustainability, and trade terms for farmers and workers in the developing world.

Provost Jean Jones visited Brake Brothers Foodservice, a flagship local supplier which hosted a special party to mark the occasion with a host of Fairtrade products on the menu at their Eurocentral headquarters.

John McDonald, Chair of the North Lanarkshire Fairtrade Steering Group explained: "The timing of this announcement couldn't have been any better as it came during Fairtrade Fortnight 2020.

"To become a Fairtrade zone, some shops, restaurants and bars need to sell Fairtrade products. Charities, clubs and social groups are also encouraged to use Fairtrade products.

"We all have power to make choices which can help others to have better lives. Fairtrade challenges people to think about the source of goods we buy and we can all make a difference here in North Lanarkshire.

"Look in the supermarket aisles, shops or cafes to find items with the Fairtrade mark. You could buy Fairtrade coffee, chocolate, sugar or tea. Some retailers stock garments made with Fairtrade cotton or ask your local jewellers if they trade Fairtrade gold, silver or other precious metals. 

"Achieving this status in just the beginning though. We already had a number of Fairtrade towns in North Lanarkshire, but this is the first time the whole area has been recognised. We now need to ensure we raise awareness about the goals of Fairtrade and get more local people and businesses involved in the Fairtrade movement."

The council has also been supporting the work of the steering group and earlier this year, pledged to support a new fair trade charter which urges local retailers and businesses to provide Fairtrade options for people living and working in North Lanarkshire.

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