Care Day 2020

The Civic Centre will be lit up in red this Friday to raise awareness and recognise the care experienced community in North Lanarkshire

Care day 2020

Care Day is an annual international celebration of the Care Experienced community, which aims to:

  • Celebrate: Shift public attitudes on Care Experienced people's lives.
  • Connect: Bring together the Care Experienced community with their allies and corporate parents to talk about how we can ensure Care Experienced people get the love, rights and relationships they deserve.
  • Communicate: Motivate the Care Experienced community, their allies and corporate parents to share their celebrations, show their commitments and ignite discussion.

North Lanarkshire Council is currently developing a new 'Virtual School' to improve the educational outcomes of care experienced pupils. This will bring assistance tailored to their needs, flexibility and a more effective response to the challenges they may face as students.

While the 'Family Firm' programme offers young people with experience of care a one-year work placement to gain relevant skills and increase their employment prospects. 

The council is also a signatory of the Scottish Care Leaver's Covenant, a pledge to guarantee the sustained transition of care leavers towards independence. Housing, employment, education, young people's rights and health are some of the areas where young people encounter the most challenges when they leave care. 

Cllr Angela Campbell, convener of the Community Empowerment Committee, said: "North Lanarkshire Council is firmly committed to providing the best support to our care experienced children, young people and adults. Care Day 2020 is a great occasion to celebrate them, acknowledge their significant contribution to our community and to society, and highlight the challenges and obstacles they face.

"The journey of care leavers in their adult life is closely linked to that they experienced while in care. As a corporate parent, we are hearing their voices and working together to improve their chances in every stage and aspect of their lives: promoting their long-term well-being, narrowing the attainment gap with their peers and offering the right support to enter the world of work. Our role is to make sure they can reach their full potential."

Care Day takes place annually on the third Friday of February, and it's now in its fifth year. It was started by charity Who Cares? Scotland in 2015 to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the passing of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill 2014.

The theme this year's care day is 'Reimagining' - reimagining how the world can best support the care experienced community to thrive.


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