New Braidhurst pitch opens

The 4G FIFA quality pitch was re-laid at a cost of £220,000 and boasts the latest technology including a new shock-pad system

Braidhurst pitch opens Feb 2020

The new pitch at Braidhurst High School has been praised as of the best in the country as it was declared open by Cllr Paul Kelly, Depute Leader.

Cllr Kelly said: "It's a fantastic resource and reflects our commitment to improving facilities for young people and the wider community.

"The school of football is a superb initiative and gives pupils essential life-skills to take with them throughout their lives."

Braidhurst's School of Football allows those taking part in the programme to attend school on a full-time basis while receiving at least one period of football coaching each day.

Motherwell FC legend Stevie Hammell, who is now director of Motherwell FC's youth academy, said: "It's as good as any in Scotland - it meets the FIFA quality pro standards - and it's improved our injury rates as well as the quality of play."

Braidhurst pitch opens Feb 2020

Gordon Young leads the school of football, he said: "The structured programme is for boys and girls and we're always motivating them to do better. Every four to five weeks we test their fitness and skill levels and we work hand-in-hand with teachers to ensure that the pupils' academic performance is also being developed."

Carolyn Rooney, Head Teacher of Braidhurst High School, added: "One of the big advantages is that the qualities the young people display on the pitch comes in to the school.

"They learn about teamwork, resilience and working hard. Not only do some of our pupils go on to secure professional contracts, but some go to university, further education or employment and that's really encouraging."

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