Budget 2020-21

Planning for the 2020-21 budget and beyond

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Like all local authorities, we're facing significant challenges as we plan for this year's budget.

Although we have had to deal with the inescapable pressure of considerable cuts to our budget over the past decade, we are now anticipating having to make around £100 million in savings over the next three years, which will be significant, extensive and will impact on the local services we provide.

The lion's share of council funding comes directly from the Scottish Government's local government settlement grant. As 60% of our budget is ring-fenced for national initiatives or policy priorities such as education and social care, budgets for core services such as roads, planning, licensing and waste will be hit harder.

This means that we will need to make some very difficult decisions when it comes to setting our budget for 2020/21 - decisions that will undoubtedly impact on the vital services that the council delivers to the people and communities across North Lanarkshire.

Our animations explains where our budget comes from, where the money goes to fund services and how we make decisions around money-saving measures from our revenue budget.

Part 1 - We have to make some tough decisions this year.

Part 2 - Where our budget comes from.

Part 3 - The difference between revenue & capital budgets

Part 4 - How revenue budget is spent

Part 5 - Our budget challenge

We are interested to hear your views on how we can make savings. Please email Budget2020@northlan.gov.uk.

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