Local companies support Give A Gift Appeal

Thank you for helping families this Christmas

Give a gift card companies 2019

Generous North Lanarkshire employers are supporting our Give-a-Gift-Card appeal.

Amey, Indeglas, Engie and Sidey are some of the companies contributing to the campaign by placing drop-off points in their premises and encouraging employees to donate gift cards worth at least £10.

The aim of the appeal is to make sure no child or teenager in North Lanarkshire is left without a present this Christmas, but also to empower their families to choose the present that best suit the age and interests of their youngsters.

Brian Pettigrew, ENGIE Regional Managing Director, based in Bellshill, said: "ENGIE are proud to be supporting North Lanarkshire Council's Give a Gift Card appeal. For many, Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year and even the smallest act of kindness can make such a difference.

"We are delighted to be working with North Lanarkshire Council and their partners to make this Christmas less stressful for North Lanarkshire families."

In the same vein, Shona Hainey, Principal Business Improvement Manager at Amey Consulting based at Eurocentral, added: "Amey Consulting are delighted to support North Lanarkshire Council's gift card appeal, supporting local families needing extra help this Christmas. Donating to this worthwhile cause is a great way to underline the true meaning of Christmas whilst making a difference to those families of North Lanarkshire who need help the most."

Jeanette MacIntyre, Managing Director at Indeglas, Cumbernauld, said: "The team at Indeglas are pleased to support this appeal.  Christmas is the most special time of the year, a time when, regardless of circumstance, everyone should feel supported and valued.  Enabling families to share individually chosen gifts is a great way of promoting these values."

"Sidey is passionate about giving something back to the local communities we work in," says Tom Cavanagh, Sidey's Business Development Manager. "We are very proud to support North Lanarkshire Council's Festive 'Give-a-Gift-Card' appeal. This is such a great initiative and we encourage other local businesses to get involved."

Councillor Paul Kelly, Depute Leader of the Council, thanked the companies taking part, saying: "We are grateful that so many companies in North Lanarkshire are getting behind our gift card appeal. Their backing is important to guarantee its success, and to prove that when the council, our local communities and businesses join forces great things can be achieved. Making sure that every children in North Lanarkshire will receive a present this Christmas is undoubtedly one of them.

"If you can help, please donate a gift card worth at least £10 before 21 November. Bear in mind that gift cards should be exchangeable for presents for children and young people aged 0 to 18."

The goal is to achieve at least 1,200 gift cards for local families. A total of 67 collection boxes have been distributed in council buildings, companies, partners, and other strategic locations such as First Stop Shops and community buildings for walk-in donations.

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