Council backs new Fair Trade charter

Unanimous support for inclusive economic growth, fair wages and better working conditions

International Fair Trade Charter

The Fair Trade movement was established to ensure that producers are paid a fair price and offered an opportunity to participate in global markets without exploitation.

The charter is backed by the two largest International Fair Trade organisations - Fair Trade International and the World Fair Trade Organisation.

Elected members gave unanimous backing to a motion put forward by councillors John McLaren and Claire Barclay at a council meeting in October.

They agreed to research, develop and support a strategy to facilitate the promotion of foods with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

To do this the council will:

  • Promote the FAIRTRADE Mark using Fairtrade Foundation materials in refreshment areas and promoting the Fairtrade Towns initiative in internal communications and external newsletters;
  • Use influence to urge retailers to provide Fairtrade options for residents;
  • Use influence to urge local businesses to offer Fairtrade options to their staff and promote the FAIRTRADE Mark internally;
  • Engage in a media campaign to publicise the Fairtrade Fortnight - the annual national campaign to promote sales of products with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Cllr John McLaren said: "Signing up to the International Fair Trade Charter is just the latest in a series of positive steps North Lanarkshire Council is taking to make the world a better place.

"This initiative sends out the message that we are committed to providing improved working conditions, empowering people and giving new opportunities for future generations."

The main objectives of The International Fair Trade Charter are to:

  • Support the work of Fair Trade Organisations in raising awareness of consumers and citizens of the importance and impact of Fair Trade;
  • Facilitate collaboration among Fair Trade Organisations by connecting their specific missions and strategies with the common philosophy of the movement, and to promote collaboration with the solidarity economy, organic agriculture movements and others that fight for similar goals to the movement; and
  • Enable others who work with Fair Trade Organisations e.g. Government, to recognise the values and approaches that unite the movement.
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