Council prepares for ongoing budget cuts

Significant shortfall in revenue budget forecast over the next five years

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Councillors were presented with a pdf icon comprehensive five year financial plan [753kb] (2020/21 to 2024/25) at a meeting of the Policy and Strategy Committee on Thursday 26 September.

The council budget will be set in February next year.

Around 80% of council funding comes from the Scottish Government and the council is projecting a budget shortfall of £100million over the next three years alone.

In addition, the council is facing significant cost pressures from other areas including:

  • The rising costs of caring for an elderly population
  • Increased employee costs
  • Inflationary increases

Cllr Paul Kelly, Depute Leader of North Lanarkshire Council, said: "There's no doubt that these cuts will have a devastating impact on our communities. We've already been forced to reduce revenue spending by £112million since 2013/14 and there are no pain-free areas where savings can be made.

"It's only thanks to our prudent control over finances that we are in a relatively good position in comparison with other local authorities. Don't be in any doubt, we remain hugely ambitious for people and businesses in North Lanarkshire, and our Community Investment fund will see £705million of capital investments such as new housing and community facilities over the next 10 years.

"However, the reduction amount of money we have to spend on day-to-day core services will have devastating consequences. That's why we are calling on the Scottish Government to do more to support councils and prevent the loss of services in our communities".

"All councils have a statutory obligation to set a balanced budget, but the choices we're facing are bleak."

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