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Temporary closure of school building from July 2020

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Update January 2020

Following extensive site investigation works in December 2019, Transform Schools North Lanarkshire (TSNL) has informed us that extensive ground improvement works would be needed to accommodate temporary school units on the Hockey Fields.

This would result in considerable delays to our initial timetable and means the installation of the modular accommodation may be delayed until early 2021 and drainage remediation works with the existing school potentially pushing the completion date to early 2022.

The grounds investigation works also suggests that, if we were to pursue our original plan, the hockey fields may not be capable of being restored back to their original condition once the temporary accommodation has been removed.

Given these challenges, combined with ongoing drainage failures within the existing school, both TSNL and North Lanarkshire Council are looking at suitable alternative options and we are aiming to have a plan in place by the end of February.

We will continue to keep you updated once a new plan has been developed.

If you have any specific concerns or enquiries, please remember that you can contact email:

Update Wednesday 11 December 2019

Progress in the last period (October to December 2019):

Our site investigation works have confirmed that it is not possible to accommodate both the temporary school accommodation and, a full site sports pitch within the Hockey Fields - this is due to the constraints of the site.

The site is however capable of maintaining two 7-aside sized grassed areas and this has been confirmed by our colleagues from Culture and Leisure NL who have agreed that areas we have identified are suitable for this purpose.

Plans for an alternative 11-a-side pitch provision at St. Joseph's, Cardowan are now well underway, this work includes:

  • removal and upgrading of changing facilities;
  • utility removal and replacement;
  • a ball retention fence; and
  • improvement works to the existing grassed area.

In discussion with existing users, Culture and Leisure NL has successfully relocated all 11-a-side lets from the hockey fields to other suitable locations. This means that the contractors can carry out some additional ground sampling works, which are required as part of the foundation design process for the temporary modular accommodation. These works are expected to take place on the 12 and 13 of December.

The head teacher and his staff have been very supportive in the design development of the temporary modular accommodation. This will ensure that the most efficient design is achieved to support the smooth running and operation of school activities during the period of the temporary decant.

The detailed design process is almost complete and shortly, the designers will submit the initial building warrant application.

Discussions with utility providers continue to understand the best way in which to connect the proposed accommodation to the existing infrastructure.

Activities in the next period (December to February 2019):

Works over the next period will include:

  • Stage 1 building warrant submission/application
  • Minor site investigation works
  • Complete the design of the internal teaching layouts
  • Attending the Stepps Community Council meeting in January
  • Detailed development of the traffic management proposals

If you have any specific concerns or enquiries, please remember that you can email:

Update Monday 9 December 2019 at 13:30

On Thursday 12 December our contractors will be carrying out ground sampling works on the area where we plan to site the temporary accommodation for Stepps Primary School.

It will take place between 8.00am and 4.00pm and could last for up to two days.

Sampling will be taken through five bore holes, approximately 100mm in diameter; after this has taken place the holes will be reinstated and covered with turf or topsoil.

The works allow us to determine methods of stabilisation requirements for the temporary modular accommodation.

It will not interfere with any lets to the 7-a-side pitch.

The building which is home to Stepps primary school and nursery class will close for one year from July 2020 to allow essential repair work to take place.

At the start of the new school term in August 2020 pupils and staff will relocate to temporary high-quality modular accommodation on a site next to the school and community campus for one year.

The community and library facilities on the campus will remain open as these areas can be isolated from the works; the all-weather sports pitch on the campus also remain unaffected by the remedial works.

The reason for the closure is to allow extensive remedial works to the drainage system beneath the building including excavating trenches to carry out the work.

Parents, staff and pupils have all been informed of the move and the reasons behind it in this pdf icon information booklet [988kb].

Janie O'Neill, Head of Education, explained: "Due to the level of disruption that the works will cause, we have decided to decant pupils and staff to temporary premises.

"Clearly we would rather not be having to take this action, but it is important that the issue is addressed sooner rather than later.

"Our key priority is to ensure that this has no impact on any child's education and the accommodation we have arranged is of the highest standard."

The building drainage works are suspended from ground-floor slabs due to peat on the site and the building is on a piled foundation solution.

The drainage system under the building requires extensive remedial work requiring a full decant of the school and nursery provision to allow the work to take place.

This page will be regularly updated with information. 

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