Dawn of a new era for Cumbernauld Academy

School community celebrates opening of 'stunning' new building

First day at new Cumbernauld Academy Friday 16 August 2019

Pupils and staff at Cumbernauld Academy enjoyed the first day in their new £37million campus, which opened on Friday 16 August.

The school was formed in August 2014 following the merger of Cumbernauld and Abronhill high schools.

And the new building, which has capacity for over 1100 pupils, was funded by North Lanarkshire Council and the Scottish Government

Mark Cairns, Head Teacher of Cumbernauld Academy, said: "The success of the merger can be seen in so many ways, from the excellent exam results to the plethora of awards achieved since then.

"As we now move into a state-of-the-art educational facility, everyone connected to the school community is excited and optimistic about the future.

"Our pupils have been actively involved with the bespoke aspects of the build, including design elements including the new Cumbernauld mural to the social spaces in the Language and Communication Support Centre."

The new building features an impressive range of facilities including the latest ICT provision, drama and assembly hall and social areas.

Meanwhile, the traditional school library model has been replaced by a semi-open plan 'e-learning' area for pupils to use.

Other highlights include a new photo studio, a combined science lab and science theory room and indoor sports facilities which will be available for community use during out of school hours. The overall building also includes a replacement venue for the current Cumbernauld Theatre.

There are eight water fountains and pupils will be encouraged to use these to fill their personal water bottles.

Charlotte Geekie, a pupil at the school, said:"I'm excited to go into the art classrooms and get all the space and the light and I'm excited for the first years to see the big classrooms and the modern design of the school, it really hits you when you come in.

Fellow student Antonio Hernandez said: "I'm amazed to be honest. This is a whole other level. The amount of facilities we have now compared to what it used to be, for example, the music department is so much bigger, English is looking tidier, everything is looking smart and new, it looks absolutely smashing."

And a new vocational area will allow pupils to develop their interests in construction, health and beauty.

Mr Cairns added: "Given what the school community has already achieved, it is with a sense of real anticipation that those successes will be expanded by the new educational setting and associated opportunities.

"There are plans to ensure the new facilities are not only a means for expanding educational opportunities within Cumbernauld Academy, but that they are available to other learners within the Cumbernauld area and indeed beyond that to the wider community.

"The school has once again enjoyed real successes in SQA exams this year. The new facilities now give us further opportunities to work with others in the Cumbernauld area to develop additional learning opportunities to engage those learners who have found challenges with the traditional curriculum.

"We have all looked on over the past two years when building work began with a real sense of anticipation and now we are ready and eager to move in. I am confident that everyone will make the most of the new facilities and ensure that the spirit of creativity and inclusion that already exists will provide a strong basis for exciting times ahead.

"From what I have seen over the past five years of the young people and their families, they will enjoy and benefit from the new school and theatre and make the most of every new opportunity. They have already built an excellent community from clear values and deserve the best facilities in order to flourish and succeed in life.

"With the new building now ready for young people to learn in, times are bright for Cumbernauld Academy."

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