New proposals for action on litter and fly-tipping

Plans have been announced to create a new taskforce aimed at cleaning up communities

environmental task force 2019

The Environmental Improvement Taskforce will tackle the scourge of litter and fly-tipping, which blights communities.

If approved by committee, new teams will remove litter and fly-tipping speedily, be deployed to hotspots across North Lanarkshire and engage with schools, community councils, resident associations and other local groups.

As part of a pilot initiative, the teams will work from October 2019 to March 2020.

Council Leader Jim Logue said: "Most residents take pride in their communities, and want to see North Lanarkshire clear of litter and fly-tipping.

"I regularly hear from people who are rightly upset at the mess caused by thoughtless individuals who don't care and think it's acceptable to drop rubbish.

"We are proposing to invest £245,000 in setting up a brand new Environmental Taskforce, a first of its kind in North Lanarkshire, to address issues of fly-tipping and litter across all our communities.

"These ambitious new plans will see new dedicated teams clean up North Lanarkshire, identify hotspots within our towns and villages and engage fully with key stakeholders in our communities, as we clamp down on this problem.

"We have tried various steps over the years to address these issues, but enough is enough. We are proposing radical action to tackle these problems head-on."

A full report on the proposals will go before councillors at the next Environment and Transportation committee in late August.

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