Learning the importance of air quality

Pupils mark national Clean Air Day

Coatbridge High School

Pupils at Coatbridge High School enjoyed a day of activities to learn more about the importance of improving air quality, as part of national Clean Air Day.

All 198 S1 pupils carried out science experiments and traffic counts on local roads to compare traffic flow and emissions levels.

They also designed artwork to highlight the dangers of drivers allowing their engines to idle when parked. The best design will be made into a banner and displayed outside the school entrance, encouraging parents to turn off their engines while they drop off and collect pupils.

Staff from our Environmental Health team also gave a demonstration of Vehicle Emission Testing to show the contaminants in car emissions.

Pupils then saw the benefits of electric cars in helping reduce emissions and improve air quality, with a chance to see one of the council's fleet of electric cars.

"Throughout the day pupils learned about air pollution and how each of them can take steps to reduce this in their own community," Fiona Maguire, Senior Environmental Health Officer explained.

"The science experiments demonstrate the impact of acid rain and individuals' contribution to air quality based on their daily activities, and using our on-line learning package, pupils saw how the council monitors air pollution across the area."

The council has an Air Quality Action Plan is place to tackle the issue across North Lanarkshire, including pledges to improve air quality in the Air Quality Management Areas at Chapelhall, Coatbridge, Croy and Motherwell.

Clean Air Day 2019 takes place on Thursday 20 June.

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