New schools planned for Chryston and Bargeddie

Plans to build two new primary school buildings in North Lanarkshire moved a step closer following the approval of two consultation reports

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The findings of the consultations were presented to councillors at a meeting of the Education and Families committee on Tuesday 21 May, and it was agreed that:

  • Chryston Primary School will move from its current location next to Chryston High School on a new site to the south of Cliffvale Road.

  • St Kevin's Primary School in Bargeddie will move from its shared location next to Bargeddie Primary School to the site of the former Drumpark school. The nursery class, which is currently aligned to St Kevin's will become Bargeddie Primary School Nursery Class.

Both schools are currently operating at capacity and there is considerable new housebuilding planned in these areas.

The next stage involves the appointment of a contractor which will allow the next stage, the planning process, to begin. This takes around 15months to complete.

As part of this year's budget, which was set in February, North Lanarkshire Council made a commitment that every school not already in a new building should be replaced.

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