Pathways mentoring programme

Become a mentor and help a young person reach their full potential!


As part of our 'Winter Leavers' Pathways Programme, we're aiming to create a network of mentors to help support young people who may be facing barriers to learning and employment. The mentoring relationship is crucial in helping these young people to reach positive destinations after leaving school.

The Pathways Programme has been designed to support statutory winter leaving young people in North Lanarkshire. The young people involved in the programme will engage in an employability focused curriculum - all aimed at preparing them for the world of work and helping them to realise their full potential.

We are reliant on people like YOU to help influence the lives of our young people, to help them make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

What is a mentor?

Mentors are ordinary people, achieving extraordinary things! They have an extremely valuable part to play in a young persons transition from education into a positive destination, by guiding and supporting them to become as successful as they can be by helping them develop the attitude and skills they need for their choice of pathway.

Why get involved?

If you're the type of person who wants to give something back and you feel you have the skills required to help support a young person then you could be a perfect mentor. Just think of the sense of satisfaction you'd get from knowing you've made a positive and lasting impact on someone's life.

To become a mentor you don't need to have any special experience or formal qualifications. The main qualities needed are:

  • Reliability

  • Ability to relate to and empathise with young people and their aspirations

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, especially listening skills

  • Ability to be non-judgemental, self-aware, patient, understanding, flexible, positive and supportive in all situations

Your mentor journey

  1. Register - Applications are now closed

  2. Information Session - If you apply, you will be invited along to an information session.

  3. Training

  4. Matching - Mentors will be matched to their mentees using their personal profiles and information provided on the application form.

  5. Meeting - Mentors will meet their mentee and the mentoring relationship will then begin.


How much time will it involve?

As a recommendation we would expect you to meet with your mentee for at least one hour once every two weeks and at a minimum of one hour once every three weeks.

Can I become a mentor even if I don't have experience with young people?

Yes, providing you a have an interest in working with young people and you feel you have the appropriate skills outlined.

What criteria is used to match mentors with a young person?

Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their personal profiles and information provided on the application form.

Where will the mentoring meeting take place?

Mentoring should take place within an educational establishment or other North Lanarkshire Council building within the school day (9.30am-14.30pm).

Will training be provided?

Yes there will be two days of mandatory training.  The first workshop introduces the key knowledge and skills that you will need to be an effective mentor and important considerations when supporting mentees. The second workshop will ensure that you are aware of the ethical aspects of mentoring and will provide you with some fundamental tools and techniques for handling certain situations that may arise in the course of your mentoring relationship.

Good luck and here's to a positive journey into mentoring!

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