Older Persons Housing

Changes to our allocation policy will take affect from April 2019

North Lanarkshire Council is currently in the process of implementing changes to their allocation policy for older person's housing. These changes, will take effect from April 2019. 

The main changes is the creation of one specialised older person's housing allocation policy, which will streamline and simplify the application process for all older person's house type.

We will do this by assessing applicants according to their needs, to make the best use of all the available older person's housing stock. The revised framework will group applicants according to their support needs into the following categories:

  • High support needs
  • Medium support needs
  • Low support needs

To support the new allocation policy for older person's housing we will also re-classify our sheltered housing complexes into three main groups:

  • Sheltered plus - housing designated for older people, generally aged 60 and over, that provides enhanced housing support services and an emergency response service. It provides one level living accommodation and access to common facilities in which a range of social opportunities take place. It is suitable for older people who require some support to live independently.
  • Retirement housing - housing designated for older people that provides an enhanced housing management service and an emergency response service. It generally consists of terraced bungalows and has access to common area facilities where a range of social opportunities can take place.
  • Amenity housing - housing designated for older people. It consists of flatted or terraced type accommodation. There is no on site housing support or enhanced housing management services provided.

Over the next few weeks we will be contacting all existing applicants listed for our older person's housing to complete a new assessment of their daily living, housing and support needs in line with the new policy framework.

Our leaflet on the changes to the pdf icon older person's allocation policy [398kb] provides more information.

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