Annual seatbelt statement

All school contracts in North Lanarkshire council are specified to ensure that any dedicated bus or coach used must be fitted with seatbelts. This applies to motor vehicles used for home to school transport and for all school trip transport services.

Where a vehicle with 9 to 16 passenger seats is used, 3-point lap and diagonal belts must be fitted for each seat position. The seat belts and their installation shall meet the relevant standards set by the Department for Transport (DFT) and the Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) and if requested by the Council. The contractor shall supply proof of the relevant seat belt test certification. Where a vehicle with 17 or more passenger seats is used, either a 3-point lap and diagonal or lap belts must be fitted for each seat position.

As agents for the management of school contracts, Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) monitor contract compliance through roadside inspections.

For all school contracts within North Lanarkshire Council, where a seat belt is provided on a vehicle there is a requirement for the pupil(s) to use the restraint and to remain seated during the journey.

Drivers and escorts (where applicable) must be aware of legal responsibilities for the wearing of seatbelts on school transport vehicles and endeavour to ensure that pupils remain seated with seatbelts fastened during the journey. Any difficulty experienced in gaining co-operation from pupils in the wearing of seatbelts must be reported to the school.

In line with best practice, schools will work in partnership with parents/carers and the Council to ensure the wearing of seatbelts by pupils on all school transport journeys.

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