Council Buy Back schemes

There is a huge demand for affordable housing and it is vital we look at different ways of increasing the supply of homes to help meet this need

Open Market Purchase Scheme

Extra homes will be available for rent through our ground breaking new open market purchase scheme, this scheme is in addition to the councils successful empty homes purchase scheme.

The open market purchase scheme will see up to 100 homes being bought each year to increase the number of properties for people in North Lanarkshire to live in.

By purchasing a good quality home on the open market, many of which will be ex-council properties, we can help meet peoples housing needs and increase local housing supply.

If you are a Private Landlord please contact us for more information on the scheme.

The main criteria set against the purchase of homes on the open market would be:

  • There is demand for the type and size of property in that area
  • The combined cost of buying the property and bringing it up to letting standards would represent value for money to the council
  • Where the purchase of a property will enable the council to take complete, or majority, ownership of blocks of flats making communal repairs much easier to complete
  • Homes purchased would meet the particular needs of households not currently available in the council stock, e.g. homes suitable for people with disabilities

How to apply for the open market purchase scheme

If you would like the council to consider buying your property you will need to complete an pdf icon Open Market Purchase Scheme Application [42kb].

Empty Homes Purchase Scheme

The Empty Home Purchase Scheme has been developed to help address some of the issues faced by owners and communities in relation to such properties.

The scheme buys privately owned properties that meet at least one of the specific criteria below:

  • There is an identified need for the type and size of property and it is located in a high demand area.
  • The purchase of the property would give the council complete ownership of a block and allow major common works to proceed.
  • To meet the particular needs of a household which cannot be met from within the existing council stock.

In addition the following criteria needs to be met:

  • The property must be sold with vacant possession and be empty at the time of application
  • The combined cost of purchasing and bringing the property up to SHQS letting standard represents value for money to the council.

How to Apply to the Empty Homes Purchase Scheme?

If you would like the council to consider buying your property you will need to complete an pdf icon Empty Homes Purchase Scheme Application [54kb]

This information will be used to assess your application and we will then contact you to let you know if your property meets the criteria.

Please use the 'contact us 'box if you have any questions. For more information, see downloads'.

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