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Role Models

Kanokwai Judo Club is run by the Renicks sisters, Louise and Kimberley, and their father Thomas Renicks. This is a community run club to help improve children's life skills through, respect, discipline, self control and team work.

Having two female Commonwealth Gold medallists running this club provides fantastic role models for its members. Here's what 2 parents from the club had to say about the Renicks family;

Parent 1

"Thomas and Louise are great role models for the children at Kanokwai Judo Club by creating a very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for the kids and giving them the confidence to learn the sport but at the same time learn respect for others. It has a real community feel and the fact that Louise and Kimberley grew up locally and went onto represent their country and win medals lets the children see what is achievable if you are dedicated. The kids can look up to both ladies and hope to follow in their footsteps and that's surely what a role model is all about."

Parent 2

"Louise and Thomas are fantastic role models for the children who attend their judo club. Thomas has been doing judo a long time and has great patience with the kids and makes learning fun. Louise is a fantastic role model for all the children. I think to be taught by a commonwealth gold medallist who is very passionate about her sport and willing and eager to pass on her knowledge, while still competing herself, is a fantastic opportunity for kids. I have shown my daughter who is 8 videos of Louise fighting and she is very impressed and inspired and believes that she can also do this if she works and trains very hard."

Ross Dillon - North Lanarkshire Chiefs Ross Dillon

Ross Dillon, aged 16, loves to play basketball but has discovered that his real passion is coaching others.

Ross joined the North Lanarkshire Chiefs 8 years ago to try something new and has always enjoyed the sport. He now balances his playing commitments for the club's under 18 team with coaching four junior teams at the club. He said "The club has been brilliant at putting me on courses and have given me lots of opportunities to grow and develop".

"Coaching has really increased my confidence.  Now I am used to talking and giving my opinion more and I am now seen as a leader by the teams that I coach. My future has completely changed, I now know that I want to continue to develop and my heart is set on a career in sports coaching or PE Teaching"

Alasdair Sinclair, Head Coach of North Lanarkshire Chiefs, said "The difference in Ross in the past year has been amazing.  His knowledge has increased hugely and his ability as a coach is far beyond his age.  Ross is a fantastic Role Model to the young players that he coaches. He has demonstrated great commitment to developing both them as players and himself as a coach."

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