Rent restructure consultation 2018

Review of rent charging across North Lanarkshire

We are planning to change our approach to rent charges making it simpler, fairer and more consistent.

The way we currently work out rental charges is difficult to follow - there are 192 different rates being charged across our 36,500 homes - and weekly rents range from £59.46 to £84.01. New build properties will continue to have a 20% premium applied.

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At the moment, your rent is calculated using a number of factors including:

  • property size;

  • property type; and    

  • windows and heating in a home

In short, the new system we are proposing would see people in smaller properties mostly paying a little less, while people in larger properties would be likely to pay a little more.

The changes won't increase the overall amount we collect and every penny will continue to be spent improving council houses across North Lanarkshire.

If approved, the new system would take effect from April 2019. It would be phased in over a period of seven years, depending on the size of rent increase for particular properties, to minimise any impact. The highest rent increase anyone would see would be £3.50 per week.

It's your rent, so before we introduce any changes we want to hear your views on these proposals so please take part in our online survey.

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