Online Christmas shopping safety advice

Information for consumers

If you're shopping online for Christmas, our Trading Standards team has advice to help you stay safe and shop savvy.

If something seems too much of a bargain, it probably is! It could be a fake or a scam.

Make sure you're using an authentic website, check payment pages are secure, and log out when you've finished shopping. And, remember, it's always safer to pay by credit card whenever you can.

When you're buying from individuals via an auction website or social media, never transfer money directly to people you don't know as you could unwittingly become the victim of fraud.

At this time of year, we all receive lots of offers electronically, but don't open attachments or click on links in any festive emails, texts or social media posts that you're not expecting - they could be scams.

Be careful not to buy counterfeit goods - they may contravene trademarks and/or copyright legislation.

Take a look at Advice Direct Scotland to make sure you know how to shop safely and don't fall victim to any festive fraud or scam.

Police Scotland have useful advice about keeping yourself safe when shopping this Christmas, when you're out and about and on-line.

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