Criminal Justice Social Work Reports (CJSWR)

Advice to sentencers

The Criminal Justice Social Work Report (CJSWR) is used by the court to assist in the sentencing process, and complements the range of other information available to sentencers, such as information from the police. 

The report can be requested by a sentencer once an individual has pled guilty, or been found guilty of an offence. 

The report:

  • outlines the individual's history and background to the offence
  • provides information on the individual's offending and non-offending behaviour
  • summarises their assessed risk of re-offending and potential to cause serious harm
  • gives the court an outline of relevant social work interventions and how these might impact on the offending behaviour

If a court has requested a CJSWR to assist with sentencing, a justice social worker from the person's nearest locality office will be in contact to arrange an interview.   

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