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heat loss in homes

Below is a summary of measures that can help prevent heat loss from your home.

Loft insulation - it is estimated that a quarter of your homes heat is lost through an un-insulated loft. Insulated lofts may also benefit from top ups. There are different kinds of insulation available to suit the type of loft space but all help prevent heat loss through your roof. Improving the insulation within your loft can potentially save you £245 per year.

Wall Insulation - it is estimated that a third of your home heat is lost through your external walls. There are different kinds of insulation available to suit the type of wall construction of your home. For solid walls or non traditional constructions such as steel or timber frame houses, there is a choice between internal wall insulation or external wall insulation.  Internal wall insulation can be either insulated boards that are fixed to your existing internal wall or it is a new stud partition wall which has some insulation. External wall insulation is where an layer of an insulated material is attached to your external wall area and covered with a decorative finish such as cladding or roughcast.

For cavity walls, small holes are drilled in your external walls and this allows the insulation to be blown into the cavity using special equipment.

Improving the insulation of your walls can on average save you £248 per year on your energy bills.

For more information on energy insulation measures visit the Energy Saving Trust website.

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