Energy Efficiency Measures

Improving the energy efficiency of your home can save you money on your energy bills

There are a number of measures you can install within your home to reduce how much energy you use. You can also save money by using our fuel switching site It Pays to Switch.

The following are examples of the type of measures you want to consider:

 Type of measure
RoofLoft insulation; flat roof insulation
WallInternal wall insulation; external wall insulation; cavity wall insulation
Floorunderfloor insulation
HeatingCondensing boiler; upgrade to boiler and heating controls; install thermostatic radiator valves; more efficient storage heaters
OtherLED lighting; smart meter; pipe insulation; double or secondary glazing; draughtproofing; solar panels (photovoltaic or thermal)

If you are a council tenant, we will take reasonable steps to make your home efficient and so that it meets the Energy Efficiency Standard of Social Housing (EESSH).

Please use the 'contact us' box if you have any further questions.

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