Contractor Performance

Performance indicators

The main design and construction contracts have been entered for the following projects;

Carnbroe, Sikeside and St Stephen's Primary School Campus

 pdf icon Carnbroe Sikeside and St Stephen's KPI [319kb]

Dunrobin and Petersburn Primary School Campus

 pdf icon Dunrobin and Petersburn Primary Schools Campus [319kb]

St Dominic's Primary School

 pdf icon St Dominic's PS Campus [318kb]

St Edward's and Tollbrae Primary School Campus

pdf icon St Edwards and Tollbrae Primary School Campus [319kb]

Information about the set performance indicators set by our contracting partners can be found by selecting the link attached to each project above. 

Some of the information you can expect will be as follows:

Considerate Constructors Scores

  • Community Benefits Key Performance Indicators

  • Waste Recycling (during construction) Key Performance Indicators

  • BREEAM targets

  • Carbon Emission Targets (at design and at construction completion)

  • Programme

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